Audio Solutions

We believe that the best audio system you will ever hear will be the one you’ll notice the least. A good audio system will allow every word to be heard, conversations to flow, and the only adjustment that you’ll ever want to make is to the volume.

When does an audio system become noticeable? It happens when people are leaning over to hear the conference call or becoming frustrated because the sound isn’t clear.

At RRGP, we know how to create audio systems that work. We make sure that everyone’s voice is crystal clear, whether they’re sitting at opposite ends of the same table or opposite ends of the world.

Expertly integrated microphones and speakers play a key role in maximizing sound quality. The type and number of both depend on the size and configuration of your room.

Good microphones are essential to good-sounding audio. There are many different types of microphones available on the market today to fit the budget, aesthetics, and environment of your meeting space. These include:

  • Boundary Microphones
    – Can be used in smaller conference rooms
    – Can be placed exactly where they are needed
    – Are easily removable
  • Table Microphones
    – Integrate beautifully into conference room tables
    – Provide a built-in look and feel
  • Ceiling Microphones
    – Mount up above, saving valuable table space
    – Give the freedom to rearrange furniture
    – Are an excellent choice for multi-purpose rooms

High quality loudspeakers provide clear reproduction of all your audio sources including presentation sources like a VCR, DVD or Cable TV, and conference sources such as and audio or video conference. Different types of loudspeakers are used for different applications. The types most commonly found in contemporary meeting spaces include program and ceiling speakers.

  • Program Audio Speakers
  • - Ideal for pre-recorded music or high-quality audio
    - Hung on the wall or the ceiling adjacent to the display device for a realistic feel

  • Ceiling Speakers
  • – Optimized for vocal clarity
    – Positioned for uniform audio throughout the room
    – Installed professionally within the ceiling

For additional information regarding Audio Solution equipment, integration, products and services or to speak to a representative, please contact RRGP Services, Inc. at 210-930-7622.