Information Assurance & Management

RRGP Services Inc. offers the government a host of solutions relating to Information Assurance (IA) solutions.

Everything about information assurance can be daunting and overwhelming. Whether you are a security-minded organization that needs a fresh and independent perspective or a company that is living on borrowed time from relentlessly emerging threats, we understand that risks cannot be eliminated, but they can be managed.

RRGP solutions focus on implementing sound strategic risk management to mitigate risk. For the government customer, RRGP has the capability of providing module or enterprise consulting assessments. Our company also maintains the ability to provide staffing augmentation to assist organic IA protocols.

RRGP maintains resources and strategic partnerships to augment your with experts in the following areas: Communications Security (COMSEC) Program, Information Security (INFOSEC), Computer Security (COMPUSEC) Program, and Network Control Center (NCC).

RRGP specializes in:

  • Help-Desk and Personnel Support with preserving Data Integrity, Data Authenticity, and Real-Time Data Availability
  • Strategic Partnerships with Certified Information Security Auditors (CISA); Certified Information Security Managers (CISM); Systems Security Certified Practitioners (SSCP); Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSP) to provide model/enterprise review
  • Cross-Domain Information Sharing
  • Security Architectural Engineering and Systems Integration
  • Multiple-Domain Information Sharing
  • Perimeter Defense
  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
  • Assisting customers in CNSSI-4009 compliance